Compression Molding process and materials for make product

The compression molding is mainly Used for thermosetting plastics (thermosets) and some thermoplastic can be produced in this method. The compression moulding materials have preform for before compression. The form of granules, putty – like mass into thermosetting resins. It is used to high wight compression moulding products can be produced. The compression molding machine manufacturers such as switches,dishes and more.

The compression molding machine manufacturers of plastic:

         compression molding

The compression molding machine having two half part, one for upper mold half and another one is lower mold half. In lower mold half to store the charge ( polymer mixed with additives and fillers) or a preformed stage of polymerized thermoset. The materials is preheated by heater and become to softer in shortening the molding cycle time. The temperature usually in between 130-200~c and provides curing (cross-linking) of the polymer (if thermoset is processed). Then the upper half is forced down together, the material is compressed and go to mold shape. it take some sufficient time of 1-6 min and it longer than the injection molding . Now the mold part is successfully completed. The mold part is ejected from mold cavity after compression molding process completed. The multi cavity mold possible for this mold, so mass production can be provided. This compression molding can produce the large area and high weight product. The weight usually range of 100-500 tonnes and cavity pressure in between 7-25 MN/M2.

Some compression moulding materials processed:

  • Epoxies
  • Phenolics
  • Melamine Formaldehyde
  • Urea Formaldehyde

Compression Moulding Advantages and disadvantages of process:


  • It is simple and easily understand.
  • The large area and high wight product can be produced.


  • Very Labor intensive.
  • This is not possible for short weight product.
  • The compression mold has multiple material, multi cavities must distributed to each.

The following compression moulding products can be produced:

In this compression molding machine manufacturers of following product,

  • To make handles for cooking post, dishes, housing for high voltage switches, skis, some rubber parts such as shoe, and fiber reinforced parts.
  • It this compression mold having high volume and high pressure method possible for complex mold. High volume product such as woven fabrics, unidirectional tapes, chopped in this method.


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