electron beam welding process

During the electron beam welding process the high velocity of electron beam is impinging on the work piece surface and produce coalescence  of metal by heat and part to be weld together.

list of electron beam welding equipment

electron beam welding process

electron beam welding process
electron beam welding

The electron gun is used in this process. A tungsten or molybdenum filament is containing with cathode and emit an electron and accelerated by anode. When the electron is focused to 0.25 to 1mm diameter by using focus coil. The electron beam energy also intensified.

The heat is obtained on the work piece surface with strike of metal surface with high velocity of electron motion energy, kinetic energy of electron is transferred into heat energy upon impact of electron. Strike the high velocity electron beam on the work piece heat generated with temperature of above 2500⁰c. Thus electron beam is created with high vacuum the range of 10 – 4 torr. When sharp focus the greater distance maintain between gun and work piece.

The electron beam welding not require such as filler metals, gases and electrode. Not possible of oxidation and contamination of metal during welding process. When welding of mild steel require highly deoxidized filler metal.

Advantages of electron beam welding process:

  • High speed weld
  • Low heat input
  • Cooling rate high
  • Low distortion of work piece
  • Welded part cleaned to gather
  • The high accelerated electron hit require for tremendous penetration.
  • The heat affect zone small compare to other weld process.

Limitation of electron beam welding process:

  • Usually in this process take place with vacuum so the weld provide in vacuum chamber.
  • Equipment is more expensive compare to conventional weld.
  • The air removed from vacuum chamber so the pump is required.
  • The safety measures must place on welding.

electron beam welding applications in industrial:

  • Titanium alloy and aluminum alloy can be welded.
  • Diamonds can be welded
  • 150 mm thickness plate can be weld


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