forging meaning


Forging is a oldest process, forging meaning is the materials are become required shape by external compression forces manually or using power hammers presses or special forging machine.

When the process carried out on the metal in hot or cold state. The hot working method mostly used in the metal forming process at temperature which is above re-crystallization temperature of material.

forging meaning

Introduction of forging and machining:

It is a oldest metal working process. The forging process widely used hammer and anvil to make forging. Nowadays in modern industrial the forging is done by use of hammer or presses operated from electricity. The hammer may have reciprocate weighting in thousands of pounds.

To providing of forging metal are very strongly as compared to equivalent cast or machine part. During the forging process the metal is shaped require form its internal grain deform to follow general shape.

In which grain is continuously through out to the part. To getting result of improved part strength characteristic

Some of metal in cold forged, steel and iron metal will be forged together in hot forging method. For hot forging prevented by the work hardening that result from cold- forging it will be increase difficulty of performing secondary machining process on the work piece.





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