Metal Deep Drawing Process of Sheet metal forming

metal deep drawing process:

The metal deep drawing process is a effective method of manufacturing of cups, cans and other similar deep drawing products. The deep drawings having two main categories.

  1. First- stage drawing
  2. Redrawing

When first stage drawing a blank shape metal is made up of cup and that formed cup is drawn again and again and then finally reaches the require shape of cup or other similar product.

The first stage of drawing cannot drawn normally in high degree of deformation.

metal deep drawing process diadram
metal deep drawing process diadram
  1. First stage drawing:

The blank shape of metal is placed on the die and contact with the punch. When the metal specimen is flat piece of sheet metal used in forming and finish the product.

Initially the punch move in downward direction. The outer rim of blank is subjected to pure radial drawing (drawing toward in vertical axes) between die and blank metal. The metal become a bend and sliding over die and also stretched between die and punch. The metal in vicinity of punch head and contact with it bend and slide over radii and stretch over punch head.

2. Redrawing:

The components drawn from first stage again it is redrawn convert into more depth to form a cup shape in the die and punch. The second stage of drawing is called as redrawing.

deep drawings of Redrawing process
deep drawings of Redrawing process

The wall of cup under goes double bend and unbending. The severity of which expect to high because of the respective direction of deform at right angle to each other.

Consist of as shown in figure low severity and double bending is obtained. The redrawing can be used only for relatively low cup diameter (or) wall thickness ratio. Which is not require use of blank.

Deep drawing advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of deep drawings:

  • High production rates
  • Contain all shape and size are manufactured
  • Can be make parts that process, no other process can make.

Disadvantages of deep drawings:

  • Only limited shape manufactured
  • The quality of metal is critical obtain good parts
  • The expensive dies are require.

Important deep drawing products:

some of deep drawings Products in industrials.

  • Gas tanks
  • Cups
  • Shells
  • Short tube
  • Appliance covers
  • Beverage cans
  • Household hardware


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