oxyacetylene welding process of gas welding

oxyacetylene welding process is accomplish by proper mix proportion of acetylene and oxygen gases in weld torch, which passed through flame into welding tip. When the flame is melt the base  metal, the filler metal is inserted into the gap between the base metals. Now the base metal are  allowed into solidified. In the welding tip another name of torch, which is used to melt the filler rod and base metal to allow complete the full length joint.

In this process the mixture of oxy-acetylene and oxygen presented, which is flow to the burning process and controlled by control valve. The welding torch is opened, both gases are combined together and  it is burned due to more oxygen mix to acetylene. It burning process the temperature of 3200⁰C maintained for melt the commercial metal welding.

 example of oxyacetylene welding process
example of oxyacetylene welding process

The heat is presented by combustion of acetylene and oxygen gases, it is formed in flame during combustion process. In this form may be as inner cone in bluish color and outer brownish color.

The Combustion to take in two stage of oxyacetylene welding process:

  1. Acetylene and oxygen (C2 H2 and O2) are equal of proportion in volume, which is burn in inner white cone and O2 combine with carbon of acetylene to form of CO, at that time the hydrogen is liberated. Now the heat is liberated in this zone and which is heated to allow melt the filler metal and base metal.

C2H2+O2 −> CO+H2+Heat (105 kcal)

  1. In outer envelope of flame the combination of both gases to give two separate reaction in this process. When the carbon monoxide combine with oxygen and burn to carbon–die-Oxide (CO2). Also the hydrogen burned with oxygen and water vapour (H2O). which heat is used to preheat  of the base metal.

2CO+H2+1.5 O2 −> CO2+H2O+Heat (68 kcal)

2H2+O2 −> 2H2O+58 kcal

The inner reach the maximum temperate of 3000-3500⁰C. which maximum temperature to allow the metal to be welded, the inner zone tip has just the metal and weld completed.


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