percussion welding step by step Procedure

Percussion welding is one type of resistance welding. The coalescence provided on the work piece by heat from arc produced rapid discharge of electric energy.

The welding process the one part is fixed and another one clamped in slide motion. The sliding operation of work piece for using backed up with a heavy spring. During the welding process, the movable clamp is released rapidly the welding parts are 1.5 mm apart and electrical energy is discharged suddenly. In this reason intense arc generated between the surface. The sudden pressure is applied immediate following electric discharge. When the process is completed with a second time period. It welding process limited to smaller surface.

Priciple of percussion welding process
                                                                       Priciple of percussion welding process

The following step by step process carried out in percussion welding:

  • The work pieces are cleaned from grease, paint, dirt…Etc.
  • The welding work pieces are clamped on the machine table.
  • Then the work piece become too tough slightly and current is passed together. The electric arc provided in interface of work piece.
  • At same time light force applied to each work piece. After sufficient time period the current supply is cult-off.
  • The force is released from movable slide. Now the welding is completed.
  • In the percussion welding the work piece are unclamped.

Application of percussion welding:

  • It is used joining of aluminum rod, tube or bar to copper metal.
  • Satellite tips to steel or non-ferrous metals.
  • It used in telephone industry for connecting leaded components to terminally
  • Steels or non-ferrous alloys to corrosion resistance alloy.
  • Threaded steel studs to aluminum.
  • Silver contact finger to copper studs.


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