Resistance seam welding

Resistance seam welding is a one type of resistance welding process. It is a continuous joint the sheets metal and move through between two rotations electrode wheels. The electric current flowing through the contact between the area, the heats is generated and pressure provided in the wheel to produce a leak tight of weld. For resistance seam welding the roller type of electrode used in the welding process since electrode are consist of wheel. Both the lower and upper electrode wheel is powered. In this process the weld is series of overlapping resistance spot weld made progressively along with a joint rotation the electrode.

The roller wheels rotated over the work piece as welding proceed. The roller electrodes are pressurized and current is flow through bearing of roller electrode. When the electrode wheel can be line with throat of machine.

resistance seam welding process
seam welding process

The heat is obtained during the welding process, the heat will be high and rollers are rolled together and cool by water cooling process that reason distortion of roller avoided. The range of pressure in the welding process from 3 MPa to 8.5 MPa based on thickness of work piece. The current range may be as 775 amps/mm2.

In this operation continuously rather than discretely, the seam along a straight or uniformly curved line form. The operation process sharp corner and similar discontinuities are avoided.

The rather complex system will be required in the resistance seam welding. The travel speed and sequence of current flow are provided for over lapping welds. The welding speed for spot per inch and timing based on pressure, current, speed and size of electrode wheels.

It Resistance seam welding process usually providing airtight joint, gasoline tanks, automobile mufflers and some other fabrication of sheet metal container.

resistance seam welding Types

seam welding types
                                                                               seam welding types

(i) Conventional resistance seam welding

(ii) Roll Spot welding

(iii) continuous resistance seam welding


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