slag inclusion

incomplete fusion

porosity in welding
lack of penetration welding

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Cope and Drag Pattern Diagram

pattern types in casting process and its configuration

Basic of sand casting pattern making process : The pattern part of casting process, it is replica of the object to cast, and used to...
shrinkage in casting Process

Pattern allowances in casting method and its different types

 Why the Pattern allowances in casting affected: Sometime the patterns are not exactly the same size as the desired casting shape. To compensate for patterning...
Carburising Flme Diagram

gas welding flames types and its application

The oxygen and acetylene are mixed into weld for different proportion and its result in different types of flames, each the flames are based...
electroslag welding diagram

electroslag welding (esw) process and working principle

The electroslag welding (esw) process, the metal coalescence produced by molten slag. When the molten slag is melt the thick work piece and filler...
Components of die and punch Assembly

die and punch assembly as easy of sheet metal forming

Die and Punch A die and punch assembly is a metal working process. That is convert raw material (sheet metal) into components. And also die...
manual metal arc welding process Example

manual metal arc welding process working principle

The manual metal arc welding process to join the metal by using electric arc. Arc welding can be weld two metal by melting with...
cluster mill diagram

rolling operation or roll mill its types and application

What is Rolling mills or Rolling Operation: Rolls (or) Rolling mills is a cylindrical shape of roll used in rolling process. The housing and...

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Machinability of Metals

Machinability of metals

Machinability: The machining with some material easily done whereas it may be difficult in other. The machinability of material varied from material to material. It...

Cutting fluid -Types, Properties & function

This post describe about Cutting Fluid,properties of cutting fluids,function of cutting fluid and types of cutting fluids. Cutting Fluid: During the metal cutting process, heat is generated...

Tool Life Factor of cutting speed, Feed & Depth, Fluid, Materiel and More

Tool life: The cutting tool life is a important factor of machining the metal. It is defined as the cutting time required for reaching to...
cutting tool material

Types of Cutting Tools & Materials Properties

Cutting tool materials: The various types of cutting tool materials are used in tools for remove metal from workpiece. Generally, the tool must be...
Continuous Chip diagram

Types of Chips in Metal Cutting to Provide Good Surface Finish & more

Chip formation: During the metal cutting process, the tool removal of small metal formation from work piece is called chip.The types of chips...
single point cutting tool nomenclature

Single Point Cutting tool Important Features in metal cutting process

This Post describe about introduction to metal cutting process, different types of cutting tools, Nomenclature of single point cutting tool, Angle of single point cutting...
Oldham coupling Assembly Drawing

oldham coupling is used to connect two shafts non parallel axis

Oldham coupling is a mechanism for power transmission (or) torque from one shaft to another shaft not co-linear shaft. It mechanism is possible for without...